ca. 1663 (estimated) Maria Maddalena Rospigliosi (1645–1695) by Carlo Maratta (Louvre)

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Maria Maddalena wears a black surcote trimmed with silver embroidery over a brocade gown. The surcoat is adorned with lace engageantes as are the puffed sleeves of her chemise. A higher reolution image can be found here while this image is from here.

These are 1915 notes about this portrait from here:  "Maratta's Portrait of Maria Maddalena Rospigliosi is one of the very best examples of this Roman painter who was a member of the school that formed itself about Caravaggio. It is a half-length portrait and shows the princess standing in full face, her right hand, which holds a fan, resting on a table beside her. She is dressed in black, with full double-puffed sleeves of white, her neck and shoulders bare. The careful workmanship displayed in the rendering of the delicate lace that so elaborately trims her dress is more than equalled technically by the handling shown in the face and neck. The face itself is far from beautiful but it possesses a dignity and poise that make it interesting." .

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