1663 (estimated) Anne de Gonzagues-Cleves Comtesse Palatine du Rhin by the Beaubrun brothers studio (Versailles)

The Beaubruns portrayed Anna Gonzaga wearing a dress with lace bertha-modesty piece and a spectacularly jeweled bodice. The casual style could be very opulent.

Photo credit - Daniel Arnaudet/Gerard Blot.

Her bodice is lavishly jeweled and possibly faced with a fur stomacher matching stripes on her sleeves.

Keywords:  Beaubrun brothers, Arnaudet, Blot, Anne Gonzaga, Countess, Gonzaga family, hurluberlu coiffure, jeweled headdress, off shoulder vee neckline, puffed sleeves, bertha, stomacher, lace, necklace, brooch, jeweled bodice, jeweled sleeves, fur

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