Prince Henry of the Netherlands visiting his family

Posted on the Quen Wilhelmina thread of the Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum by thijs on 18 February 2006 with the following captions:

"Prince Henry of the Netherlands visiting his Mecklenburg Schwerin family. Prince Henry is sitting between his mother the grandduchess dowager Marie and the grandduchess Alexandra (born princess of Hannover and married to grandduke Friedrich Franz lV). Behind him standing his sister grandduchess Elisabeth of Oldenburg. His niece the German crownprincess Cecilie, born Meklenburg Schwerin can also be seen on this picture. I can't identify the other famly members." (followed by another post on the same day:)

"Aunt Helena (sister of Queen Emma) who was married with the youngest son of queen Vicoria, Leopold.

Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany, etc (Buckingham Palace 7 Apr 1853-Cannes 28 Mar 1884); m.Windsor Castle 27 Apr 1882 Helene Pss zu Waldeck u.Pyrmont (Arolsen 17 Feb 1861-Hinteriss, Tyrol 1 Sep 1922). They had two children:  Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline (Windsor Castle 25 Feb 1883- Kensington Palace 3 Jan 1981); m.Windsor Castle 10 Feb 1904 Alexander Pr von Teck, cr Earl of Athlone (Kensington Palace 14 Apr 1874-Kensington Palace 16 Jan 1957). Wilhelmina was very fond of her niece Alice as was queen Juliana who adored her aunt Alice".

Charles Edward George Albert Pr of Great Britain, Duke of Albany, etc; in 1900 he succeeded his uncle Alfred as Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and during the First World War his British titles were stripped from him."

Prince Henry of the Netherlands visiting his family APFxthijs 18Feb06 Queen Wilhelmina thread

All of the Ladies wear full bouffant coiffures or reduced versions of a bouffant coiffure. One lady (Helena) wears a scoop neckline while another (Elisabeth) wears a high enclosing neckline, and Dowager Grand Duchess Marie wears a high vee neckline. The other Ladies wear high necklines. All of them wear long close sleeves.

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