Lady Chelmsford

Information is available about Lady Chelmsford and she did spend considerable time south of the equator, including terms as Governor's Wife for Queensland and New South Wales. Politics in Queensland was, according to his Wikipedia article, almost as deteriorated as it is in the USA today. He also served in India during a particularly difficult time, increasing home rule, but also being Governor during the time of a police shoot em up of unarmed protestors at Amritsar, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. His slow response in disciplining the responsible party infuriated Indian nationalists. (Why am I thinking of Wall Street miscreants right now?) Her article in is here.

From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection.

Lady Chelmsford LC Bain

This wonderful picture shows Edwardian day dress as actually worn. Lady Chelmsford's dress has a jacket that matches her skirt and a decorated blouse with a high neckline ending with a ruff.

Keywords:  straight coiffure, feathered hat, blouse, high enclosing neckline, ruff, long sleeves, cuffs, jacket, collar, long close sleeves, buttons, pockets, over hanging bodice, close skirt, earrings

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