Lady Auchland

From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection.

I cannot find anything about her, but replacing the H with a K yields the capitol of New Zealand and a typographical error is possible. There have been enough of those here. However, I see all sorts of things related to Lady Auckland such as walking shoes, even a Scottish dance, but no biography or photo.

Lady Auchland LCBain

Lady Auchland's dress is adorned with dark stripes separated by strips of lace on the bodice and on the sleeves while the neckline is neo Empire hiding under a big over hang suggesting the 1910s. The pleats of her waist band suggest her dress could also have a double vee waistline.

Keywords:  straight coiffure, bun, high enclosing neckline, jabot, blouse, lace, long close sleeves, cuffs, waist band, Empire low waistline, close skirt, earrings, pin, bracelets, purse

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