Isabella d'Asburgo Teschen (1888-1973) e il marito Georg di Baviera (1880-1943)

Not to be confused with her mother, Isabella of Croÿ. I could find one other image of her and it is smaller than this so it is not posted. According to her Wikipedia article, her marriage fizzled quickly and completely, leading to an annulment. It is reasonable to believe this photo was taken around the time of their marriage in February 1912.

Upgrade image posted 5 April 2015 from Wikimedia.

Isabella d'Asburgo Teschen (1888-1973) e il marito Georg di Baviera (1880-1943) Wm UPGRADE

Isabelle's over-bodice has an upward notch facing the fur vee of her over-bodice neckline. Her under-bodice appears to have a glittery waist band at the bottom and plainer material above.

Keywords:  1912, Archduchess Isabella of Austria-Teschen, Princess Georg of Bavaria, Habsburg family, Archduchess, bouffant coiffure, trapezoidal neckline, under-bodice, modesty piece, waist band, over-bodice, elbow length tight sleeves, natural waistline, close skirt, necklace

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