1914 Lord Beauchamp and Lady Beauchamp, née Lettice Grosvenor

The Cinque Ports date back to 1155 and, according to Wikipedia, the name is Norman French. Aancient titles were to lose their meaning and splendid uniforms and elaborate dresses were months from becoming passé when this photo was published in the Illustrated London News on 25 July 1914.

Lettice Grosvenor’s article in the peerage is here.

From illustratedfirstworldwar.com-item-our-note-book-iln0-1914-0725-0005-001-#.

1914 Lord Beauchamp and Lady Beauchamp, née Lettice Grosvenor, ILN From illustratedfirstworldwar.com-item-our-note-book-iln0-1914-0725-0005-001-#

Lady Beauchamp wears a dress with a blouson bodice and a deep vee neckline over a modest chemise at a ceremonial occasion.

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