1911 Lady Decies, née Helen Vivien Gould

Granddaughter of infamous railroad tycoon Jay Gould, she married John Beresford, 5th Baron Decies. Her father, George Jay Gould had seven children by his wife plus three more. Her husband was Chief Press Censor for Ireland between 1916-1919 and later foreshadowed the public be damned stance of the American Republican Party by leading the British Income Taxpayers' Association.

Baron Decies later married another American heiress, Elizabeth Wharton Drexel.

From the New York City Public Library collection.

1911 Lady Decies, née Helen Vivien Gould NYPL decolorized

Helen Decies wears a dress with tight sleeves and an over hanging bodice over a close-fitting skirt in this photo.

Keywords:  1911, Vivien Decies, Baroness, curly coiffure, headdress, veil, quarter length tight sleeves, over hanging bodice, natural waistline, close skirt, wedding dress

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