SUBALBUM:  Empress Auguste Victoria

Placing Auguste Victoria in these albums was difficult. The first image of her in the older Webshots albums was from 1882, but she became important in 1888 when her husband Wilhelm became Kaiser as the infamous Kaiser Wilhelm II or Kaiser Bill. Most available images of her date from the 1900s so this album is arbitrarily placed at 1900.

She does not qualify as a fashion leader because she was so darn overwhelmingly and wholeheartedly conventional. She was the four Ks personified. She was also militantly Protestant. In modern USA political terms - she's Anita Bryant or Michelle Bachman content to stay at home in the mansion while her husband is out in public, fighting any sort of progress and fighting women's liberation in any and every way possible.

However, according to her Wikipedia article, she was popular and there was was a real outpouring of grief when she died in 1921. Her Wikipedia article also asserts that she was not as vacuous as recent historians have stated.

Ironically, Germany fought World War II with Japan, Japan being with the Anglo-French alliance in World War I. A naval battle was fought at Empress Augusta Bay at Bougainville Island near the eastern tip of New Guinea, named after Empress Auguste Victoria. Germany had claimed Bougainville in 1899 and lost it to Australia in World War I. Germany's later ally, Imperial Japan took it during Admiral Yamamoto's promised six months of expansion in 1941. The USA Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy in the fall of 1943 at Empress Augusta Bay.

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