Marquise de Charette

This probably Louisville belle Susanne Henning who married the Marquis de Charette in 1909. According to an announcement in the Morning Oregonian of 16 August 1909, "When the announcement was made here this past week that Miss Susanne Henning was to marry the Marquis de Charette, society was given much food for gossip and conjecture. Blue blood of Europe and America is to be joined if this marriage occurs, for the marquis is the son of General Baron de Charette, a French veteran and direct descendant of Charles X. His mother was Miss Polk, of Tennessee, a granddaughter of the late President Polk..."


From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection; the background and chair she is on were heavily reworked with Photoshop to remove flaws by gogm.

Marquise de Charette

The Marquise wears a criss-cross bodice adorned with an additional sash of darker material while her dress has turn-of-the-century bare, or almost bare, shoulders. However her dress does not appear to have a waist band - or a shallow vee waistline.

Keywords:  Marquise de Charette, bouffant coiffure, criss-cross bodice, elbow length close sleeves, A-line skirt

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