Gabriele Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Teschen (1887– 1954)

She did not marry and her family’s very long heyday came to and end not long after this photo was taken (I belive this dates to ca. 1908) so this Habsburg Archduchess does not have a Wikipedia article. Her genealogical sketch is here. She was Isabella von Croÿ’s daughter.

Left image from and right image from eBay; sepia tone removed from both and the size of each image fixed at 50 cm high at 28.35 pixels/cm before the images were framed.

Erzherzogin Gabriele (Tochter des Erzherzog Friedrich) detint sizes fixed

Archduchess Gabriele’s dress has two lace bertha and enhanced lace cuffs as well as an embroidered blouson in this Adèle photo.

Keywords:  Adèle, Archduchess Gabriele (1887-1954), Habsburg-Teschen family, Archduchess, Austrian, bouffant coiffure, bun, blouson bodice, sweetheart neckline, lace bertha, lace epaulettes, quarter length full sleeves, lace cuffs, waist band, natural waistline, close skirt, floral bodice ornament, necklace, bracelets

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