1914 (publication date) photo Countess Grey and Daughters on Vaterland

This is her article in thepeerage:  "Alice Holford F, #15610, d. 22 September 1944

Alice Holford was the daughter of Robert Stayner Holford. She married Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey, son of Lt.-Gen. Hon. Charles Grey and Caroline Eliza Farquhar, on 9 June 1877. She died on 22 September 1944.

She was invested as a Lady of Grace, Order of St. John of Jerusalem (L.G.St.J.). Her married name became Grey. As a result of her marriage, Alice Holford was styled as Countess Grey on 9 October 1894.

Children of Alice Holford and Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey

Lady Victoria Sybil Mary Grey+ b. 9 Jun 1878, d. 3 Feb 1907

Charles Robert Grey, 5th Earl Grey+ b. 15 Dec 1879, d. 2 Apr 1963

Lady Sybil Grey+ b. 15 Jul 1882, d. 4 Jun 1966

Lady Evelyn Alice Grey b. 14 Mar 1886, d. 15 Apr 1971

Lady Lilian Winifred Grey b. 11 Jun 1891, d. 7 Apr 1895."

It is of interest that they are sailing on SS Vaterland in 1914.

Her husband's Wikipedia article is here.

From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection; old copyright mark on wicker chair removed with Photoshop by gogm.

1914 (publication date) photo Countess Grey and Daughters on Vaterland LC Bain collection

The girl to left with the open blouse looks almost modern while her sister and mother look more old school in this photo published in 1914.

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