1908 Lady Clanmorris and her daughters

This is Lady Clanmorris' article from the peerage:  "Matilda Catherine Maude Ward1 F, #19384, b. 3 May 1858, d. 14 February 1941 Consanguinity Index=1.96%

Matilda Catherine Maude Ward was born on 3 May 1858 at 29 Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, London, England. She married John George Barry Bingham, 5th Baron Clanmorris of Newbrook, son of John Charles Robert Bingham, 4th Baron Clanmorris of Newbrook and Sarah Selina Persse, on 27 June 1878 at Bangor, County Down, Ireland. She died on 14 February 1941 at age 82.

She was the daughter of Robert Edward Ward and Harriette Ward. As a result of her marriage, Matilda Catherine Maude Ward was styled as Baroness Clanmorris of Newbrook on 27 June 1878. From 27 June 1878, her married name became Bingham.

Children of Matilda Catherine Maude Ward and John George Barry Bingham, 5th Baron Clanmorris of Newbrook:

Arthur Maurice Robert Bingham, 6th Baron Clanmorris of Newbrook+ b. 22 Jun 1879, d. 24 Jun 1960

Lt.-Col. Hon. John Denis Yelverton Bingham+ b. 11 Aug 1880, d. 1978

Rear-Admiral Hon. Edward Barry Stewart Bingham, V.C.+ b. 26 Jul 1881, d. 24 Sep 1939

Hon. Harriette Ierne Maude Bingham b. 18 Jul 1882, d. 11 Jan 1917 (shown in photo)

Hon. Emily Ina Florence Bingham+ b. 3 Mar 1884, d. 25 Apr 1957

Hon. Hugh Terence de Burgh Bingham+ b. 31 Dec 1885, d. 18 Jul 1946

Hon. Henry Derrick Thomas Bingham b. 17 Oct 1887, d. 22 Feb 1902

Hon. Eleanor Clare Alice Bingham b. 18 Jan 1892, d. 25 Nov 1972 (shown in photo)

S/Ldr. Hon. George Roderick Bentinck Bingham b. 10 May 1894, d. 10 Dec 1972

Hon. Richard Gerald Ava Bingham b. 8 Mar 1896, d. 10 Oct 1918."

1908 Lady Clanmorris and her daughters

Lady Matilda's dress has notched sleeves and a modest neckline while Lady Harriette's dress has a vee neckline created by a scarf and Eleanor's has a square neckline.

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