1906 Ivy Gordon Lennox by Lettie Charles

Her Wikipedia article is here.

From Chickeyonthego's photostream on flickr: filled in all four corners and the right sides of both the upper and lower edges with Photoshop and enlarged the image by half.

1906 Ivy Gordon Lennox by Lettie Charles From Chickeyonthego's photostream on flickr X 1.5 filled in corners rt. side upper edge rt. side lower edge

Ivy's dress uses a "modesty piece" to convert a square neckline into an attention-getting sweetheart neckline in this 1906 Charles photo.

Keywords:  1906, Charles - Lettie, Ivy Gordon Lennox, Gordon Lennox family, Cavendish Bentinck family, Duchess, British, straight coiffure, sweetheart neckline, modesty piece, square neckline, bertha, lace, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, pouter pigeon bodice, vee waistline, close skirt

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