1905 Countess Moltke

It seems there were several Countesses von Moltke that cannot be identified using the Internet. There was a Luisa Bonaparte Countess von Moltke and an American Hudson Valley Dutch von Moltke who probably had Luisa as her mother-in-law. There was a Countess Freya von Moltke who worked with her husband Helmuth James against Adolf Hitler. Counts Helmith von Moltke were involved in the German wars of unification and World War I, but I cannot find anything about the wives and children of the two soldiers von Moltke.

From eBay.

Countess von Moltke wears a somewhat wide plumed hat and a light-colored blouse with a high neckline under a dark dress with long tight sleeves in this 1905 card.

Keywords:  1905, Moltke family, bouffant coiffure, feathered hat, blouse, high enclosing neckline, ruffle, long tight sleeves, close skirt, stole, wrap, muff

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