1904 Princess Sophie Louise of Prussia by Erich Sellin CDV

She was originally from the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg family and married into the Prussian royal family, the Hohenzollerns, by marrying Prince Friedrich Leopold in 1889. Her Wikipedia article is here.

From eBay. The background had so many spots that I thought they were foliage, but her face was also spotted. The prominent, though not all, of the spots in the background and the spots on the face were removed with Photoshop. There are probably more spots on her dress. Sepia tone also removed.

Images of Sophie Louise's sister Augusta Viktoria can be seen here. Images of her daughter Viktoria Margarete can be seen here.

1904 Princess Sophie Louise of Prussia by Erich Sellin CDV EB detint despot

This is an example of when a dress becomes a "confection." The lace over-layer is what converts another blouson dress into ethereal vision.

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