1904 Jole Biaggini Moschini by Vittorio Corcos (private collection)

Dorotheum has these notes about the 1904 portrait:

"During his lifetime Vittorio Corcos was highly celebrated for his sentimental portraits of elegantly dressed ladies. Following his successful debut in Paris with the art dealer Adolphe Goupil, his sophisticated portraits were the basis for his rapid popularity. By the time of his return to Italy in 1886 the artist had securely established himself as a leading international portraitist.  Beginning in 1900, Corcos executed four portraits of Yole Biaggini Moschini. The present work was painted in 1904, a year before her death.

Yole Biaggini, an Italian beauty, married Vittorio Moschini, a Senator and Mayor of Padua.  Prominent in Padua society, she was well connected and established many close friendships with people including Gabriele D’Annunzio, Pietro Mascagni, Ugo Ojetti, and Antonio Fogazzaro.  She is also well-known as the inspiration for the character of Jeanne Dessalle in Antonio Fogazzaro’s book Piccolo Mondo Moderno, written in 1900 and published in 1901. The author was fascinated by her beauty, elegance, and her large and magnetic eyes.

The sitter makes direct contact with the viewer. Mrs Yole Biaggini Moschini’s gown is an extraordinary confection of lace, satin and embroidered silk. On her head she wears a jewelled diadem and a double-row of pearls. Her wavy hair is drawn back into a large chignon. She nonchalantly wears what appears to be an ostrich-feathers stole. She stands against the background of a pink taffeta curtain. She is presented as a woman of grace and elegance.

From ros'_with_a_ prince's photostream on flickr.

1904 Jole Biaggini Moschini by Vittorio Corcos (private collection) From ros'_with_a_ prince's photostream on flickr

Jole wears a white lace skirt under a white waist band, white lace bertha, white lace engageantes, and white feather boa - all punctuated by her black hair.

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