1901 Yole Biaggini Moschini by Matteo Corcos (private collection)

From dejavuteam.com/2015/11/24/la-moda-della-belle-epoque-attraverso-la-pittura-di-vittorio-matteo-corcos/.

1901 Yole Biaggini Moschini by Matteo Corcos (location ?) From dejavuteam.com/2015/11/24/la-moda-della-belle-epoque-attraverso-la-pittura-di-vittorio-matteo-corcos/.png

Jole is the “poster child” for the S-curve silhouette. Her body is forced by her corset to provide the bustle for this dress. Skirts that are tight-fitting at the hips and flared out at the hems are often shown wrapped around the person’s legs to show of the hips, as seen here.

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